Rajapalayam is situated on the Srivilliputhur-Tenkasi road. From Srivilliputhur, it is 11 kms connected by bus from all places. It has a railway station. Rajapalayam is the derived from the word Raja meaning king and Palayam in Tamil a cantonment or fort. Rajapalayam means Raja's fort. Chiefly people who came from the old Vijayanagar state inhabit Rajapalayam. Rajapalayam is an industrial town. There are spinning mills, powerloom factories, waste cotton plant, wood screw factory, surgical cotton, plaster of Paris, bolt and machinery screw, various kinds of nails, insulated electrical goods, cycle spare parts, sugar-cane crusher rolls, saw mills, electrical motor manufacturing, cotton bale pressing factory, match factories and a number of other small scale industries. This town is famous for dogs of a special variety highly useful for hunting.

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