Until 1985 Sivakasi was a part of Ramanathapuram District. When Ramanathapuram District was trifurcated Sivakasi became a part of Virudhunagar District. It is 70Kms south of Madurai.

Sivakasi is a black soil plains region. The soils are of poor productivity and are mainly black loamy soil (locally known as (Karisal). Cotton, pulses, oilseeds and millets, which do not require much irrigation, are the main crops grown.

The climate of the Sivakasi is semi-arid tropical monsoon type. It has a high mean temperature and a low degree of humidity. The temperatures range from 20° C to 37° C. April, May and June are the hottest months of the year. Sivakasi receives scanty rainfall with an annual average of 812 mm.

The South West monsoon which sets in June and lasts till August brings scanty rain. The bulk of the rainfall is received during the North East monsoon in the months of October, November and December. Vembakottai Reservoir supplies the drinking water to Sivakasi

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